New Book! New Book!

I love me books!

Yes, I could spend hours and days just reading, eating and well, sleeping cuz I have to. And, when I add a new book to my collection – sometimes I read it all right away. Like with Katherine Dunn’s“Creative Illustration Workshop” book. Read it clean through, taking notes in the margins, earmarking pages. Delightful. I obviously enjoyed the read and I’m excited to experiment with her suggestions. Some favorites: “Inspired by Simple Things” – love painting and photographing lovely items from around my house, “Sharing Emotions through Personal Stories” – while I probably won’t incorporate my own stories so much as stories I hear and read about in the news, and “Incorporating Textures and Found Materials” – already a favorite as well as incorporating computer scans and print outs – loving it!

Check it out at Amazon or she offers signed copies, too on here website! Had I know before I ordered…

Hope you like it, too!

Katherine Dunn

Katherine Dunn


2 thoughts on “New Book! New Book!

  1. Jennifer, I just love a new book too! Like you, I have difficulty not devouring the whole thing in one sitting. Fortunately, art inspiration books keep on giving. You can pick them up six months later and they have things you didn’t see before.

    Now, against my better judgment, I’m going to click on the widget. πŸ™‚

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