Yummy Fruit for You!

Don’t we all love fruit & some of us – veggies?! They’re tasty to eat, good for you and always look great in Art!

Well, I love to incorporate it into my work too, and I’ve started a new series – thinking of calling it “Trashy Fruits & Veggies”. Any thoughts?

Here are a couple of the first paintings/collage pieces. I’ll show more as the month goes on.

They are 7 x 10 inches on canvas. They all include: a different fruit or veggie, text about the fruit or veggie, some trash and done in acrylic.

I usually start out painting a dark background or with a drawing of the fruit/veggie. From there I build up color and texture with paint, gel medium and trashy bits. Finally, I add the text: the name of the piece and some history of the fruit/veggie. For instance –

“The orange is a hybrid of ancient cultivated origins – possibly between pomelo and mandarin. It is a small flowering tree growing to about 10m tall with evergreen leaves, which are arranged alternatively…”


Recycled Orange

"Recycled Orange" © Jennifer Ressmann

and a veggie…

Recycled Sweet Dumpling Squash

"Recycled Squash" © Jennifer Ressmann

Do you have a favorite fruit or veggie?


2 thoughts on “Yummy Fruit for You!

    • Hi Martha! Thanks – they are fun to paint. I have some more that I will post over the next couple of weeks, too. We did have a nice Turkey Day! And, same to you! J

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