Do You Want to Make More Art?

There are so many wonderful things to do in life. I want to do so much more in one day than seems possible. Why we don’t live until we’re 300 is beyond me! (I guess we would really never do it all anyway) So, how do you do more of what you want to do?

Systemized List

Systemized List to Get More Done

How about by systemizing? Making a plan to do those things that you repeat throughout your life – at least the best you can – so you don’t have to think about it. Just do it and move on.

For example – cleaning your house. While some of us have help, some of us need to do the chores ourselves. At our house we have a cleaning schedule/list. Each night during the week we spend a few minutes doing a chore from the list like this…

Cleaning List – done daily during the work week

* Wipe Windows (dog nose prints) & Ledges

* Wipe Top of Fridge

* Wipe one Ceiling Fan

* Dust Upstairs

* Vacuum Downstairs

And so on. ( As you can see our list is much, much longer. )

A list like this can break cleaning the house into bite size pieces. (Or whatever projects you want to put on there)  The ol’ Baby Steps Approach! Pick one or two things and do it after dinner or at the commercial (do they still have those?) Take 15 or 30 minutes and tackle a couple of things. If you have a hard time choosing, cuz you have done all the easy stuff already, there are a few different ways you can organize the list:

1. Put each item on a different piece of paper/small bit of card stock. Put those in a pile and just draw one or two. That’s your chore for the night, no redrawing allowed. Kind of like a game, I say!

2. Or, put these pieces of paper in a bowl and draw each time.

3. Or, have someone else pick for you.

4. Or, break the list up into a specific schedule: Mondays are for dusting and wiping windows. Tuesdays, wipe top of fridge. And on throughout the week. Done! Predictable.

5. Mix it up. Cuz cleaning your home is a lifetime commitment – change it up. Draw from the bowl for a year, then do a set schedule for a year, etc.

Saturday morning can be for other things – hey, like making art! Or going on a nice hike. Leave the work for the work week and enjoy more of the other stuff you want to do with more free time!


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