New Recycling Photo Series

Cling Wrap, Plastic Wrap, Food Wrap – Such a useful little product. But, what to do when you’re done with it? Well, I reuse it – wash it, dry it and use again. Some think it’s inadvisable for health concerns – for now I’m not worried. We don’t use it very often. What concerns me is keepin’ the world clean. So – we can reuse it: maybe photograph it?, make some crafts, but it’s not recyclable yet. Hopefully that will change soon.

As it’s written on EHow:

” Throw out types 3 (plastic food wrap and vegetable oil bottles), *5 (yogurt containers, syrup bottles, diapers, some bags, most bottle tops and some food wrap) and 7 (layered or mixed plastic). While some of these are recyclable, the plastics industry is still in the early stages of recycling and does not recycle these in most cities unless it is through a test program.”

* I hear you can recycle #5 at Whole Foods. Toss it in your car, and when you’re near their store – just swing in.
Read more about the Health and Safety of Plastic Wrap.

Plastic Wrap Series


Plastic Wrap Photography

"Wrap #1" © Jennifer Ressmann 2010



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