Of Course?

What do you do when you get off course? When you find yourself torn between sticking with the plan and running off to do other fun stuff. While it can happen with anything, I’m talking about making Art. What do you do when you’ve built something around one area or direction and then get caught up in another? To be honest, sometimes I think this is my entire Art career in a nutshell.

My major area of study in Art School was Photography and I minored in Printmaking. Had I had more time I would have minored in other stuff, too! Painting for one. So, I’ve worked in all of these areas – I just can’t seem to help it. They pull ya in you know? Ya just gotta have it!! I’ll take some pictures over here, then I’ll paint and make some prints over there. Oh oh! Maybe some crafts. Yum.

While all the experts say to focus on one medium – I had to stop worrying about that. How many people have just one kid? Eat just one food?!

Subject matter is my big delema. Political subjects really draw me in. I listen to a lot of Public Radio and interesting Pod Casts and if you know me would probably agree I am sure opinionated. So, just as I am raring up to work on a series based on this area of contempt, I get caught painting fruit and taking pictures of this cute little Cow we got in Europe!

Cow #1

"Indoor Cow #1", © Jennifer Ressmann

So – I guess it comes down to focus – but, but, but – the cute Cow! What to do, what to do? Maybe I shouldn’t worry about it – eventually a series comes together – though it might take years. Maybe I should just enjoy the journey as it goes naturally, instead of trying to steer it all the time?

Any thoughts?

Wanna see some other photo “distractions”?


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