Digital Camera Workshop

Workshop for new digital photographers through the  City of Westminster, CO. They have a great Art Department through the city and I am delighted to be teaching up there.

We’ll be learning some good stuff about using your digital SLR camera. Like…Did you know JPG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group which created the digital standard? Or how about how to use the letters M, TV/S, A and P on the Mode Dial of the camera? Join us for an informative and fun, 2 evening workshop to learn about these goodies and lots more. Contact me for more information and to sign up!


Green Apple

"Green Apple" © Jennifer Ressmann, 2003

Image: Green Apple, Summer 2003. This image, along with another landscape photograph of mine, appears in Uncontained: Writers and Photographers in the Garden and the Margins, edited by Jennifer Heath, and featuring eighty-six writers and photographers.

Inspiration: I love fruit. My Mom said when she was pregnant with me she craved fresh fruit all the time. With my sister – hamburgers. Still love the fruit I tell ya.


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