5 Great Sites for Recycling!


"Celebrate" © Jennifer Ressmann

These sites have hours of great reading about recycling…

Planet Green – from your friends at the Discovery Channel

About.com – here you can search for all sorts of great info. How to turn an old hose into a soaker hose! I’m gonna need that this summer. Or how about the benefits of recycling and what you can or can’t recycle.

Washington State – a list of the types of plastic by numbers listed on the bottom of containers. And, click to the kids page for more fun and interesting facts. Also from this site, a fun trashy dinosaur.

Recycling Crafts for Adults and Kids – now I just need to stop sleeping or eating so I can find time to sneak in some crafting! Looks like lots of fun!

Freecycle – and of course – free shopping!!


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