Ah, Trash!


Trash found on my walk.

It’s been windy the last few weeks in our neck of the woods. And, that means trash in the street and sometimes in the yard. Don’t ask! It’s not heaps of trash, just bits here and there.

It’s really amazing how much litter is out there. Look around for a few days – in your neighborhood, in the parking lot where you shop for groceries, at the school yard. Amazing.

It’s crummy in the yard, but, it’s here and I’m gonna use it! What was icky will be a great addition to my art! I mean – Wow – a tree air freshener? That looks like fun!

Stay tuned to see where these items appear!

** You’ll find the Air Freshener Tree in our 2011 Holiday Card. And, I scanned it to use the image. So, I still have the tree to incorporate somewhere else! **


2 thoughts on “Ah, Trash!

  1. Jennifer, I have acquired this habit. It’s almost a compulsion. This morning I unwrapped a roll of Scott tissue, the kind that’s wrapped in actual tissue paper. I thought “I oughta save that and paint it and make collage paper out of it, or use it to build up texture in a painting!”

    • Exactly! After a bit of wind this week, I was tempted to pick up more tidbits to incorporate into some work. Some will just
      have to go in the trash bin or be recycled – or certainly I will be engulfed in bits of paper, wrappers and cardboard pieces!

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