It have been very windy the past few years in Colorado – so we’ve had a bunch of trash in our yard after each wind storm. However, this summer and now winter has been quiter. Happily! And, so the trash is more what I have around the house in this series. That’s fun trash, too. Just take a look…

Happy Update
“Happy” © 2010, Jennifer Ressmann


Trashy Collage Series – click to see more from this delightful series

Titled: “Happy”

Size: 6 x 6 inches

Medium: Acrylic & Reclaimed Mixed Media on Canvas with Handmade Rough Wood Framing – Easy to just hang on your wall! Love that!

Inspiration – The trash for “Happy” comes from many tid-bits, odd paper from past projects, and old potato mesh bag,
some bits from packaging that blew into our yard and some fake flowers I found laying around.

$68 + Shipping SOLD

Just Email Me to own this lovely little painting!



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