Teaching Digital Photography Workshop!

3 Green Tomatoes

"3 Summer Tomatoes" ©Jennifer Ressmann

Holding a Workshop for New Digital Photographers in Westminster, CO. They have a great Art Department through the city and I am delighted to be teaching up there.

We’ll be learning some good stuff about using a new digital slr camera, and, how to bring your photos into your computer to “fix them”, email them and print them. Good helpful stuff!


The piece above is from my…

“Beautiful Blight” Series – click to see more from this delightful series

Titled: “3 Summer Tomatoes”

Size: 11 x 14 inches, unframed

Medium: Color Photograph

Inspiration – This is image is from a series of Tomato pictures I took this past summer.
Tomatoes are great subjects, along with most other fruits and vegetables.
But, this series is the result of the Blight that went through the nation this year.
It was sad to have my yummy tomatoes wind up in the trash. At the same time, they make pretty pictures.

$42 + Shipping

Just Email Me to own this delightful Photograph!


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