What can you do?

Milk Jug

Recycling your plastics

You can recycle, of course!

For info on what is recyclable – check out this great Colorado site – Elephant Journal.

If you can’t recycle it, maybe you can reuse it in a project. Maybe you can make some art?! For example, elephant journal talks about Styrofoam egg cartons – they always make good containers for holding paint during your project, or another idea would be to buy eggs in cartons that are recyclable.

On their list I found #8 most interesting:

” Lid ‘er rip:

The caps on a lot of containers are made of a different plastic than the container itself. And many recycling centers won’t accept the caps and lids, since they’re too small and can fall through or jam recycling equipment. The bright side: Aveda stores have a great take-back program for twist-on caps, which turns them into new bottle caps.”

Check out “Recycling Crafting & Projecting” in the categories list for ideas!


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