What’s up in the office? Organizing!

Finishing some organizing in the office today – figuring out what all my random charging cords in our drawers are for, labeling them and organizing them. (getting rid of the cords that don’t go to anything anymore)



If you’d like to join along…

  1. Go through your cords and and match them with the items they charge – or put aside to get rid of (store if your uncertain – so you can mull it over and they can collect dust)
  2. Grab some old address labels that you’ve never used – cuz they were a sample or left over from another project – recycling, recycling!
  3. Get a small cardboard box – more recycling of course!

Now – label the cords and wrap the labels around the cord. If you wrap a twist tie around them they will store easier, too. Tuck them in the box(s) and stash in a drawer or cabinet. Preferably one that is close to where you do your charging and is easy to reach.

The images below will show you how I cleaned up. If you want to decorate the box, that would be nice.

And, maybe I should credit my Dad for the box idea. He does this in all his drawers with loose stuff, like the junk drawer, and now we do, too. It really keeps everything organized and easy to fetch when you need it.

Cords with Labeled Tag

Cords with Labeled Tag

Box cut

Box - cut off lid

Box filled

Cute little box all filled!




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