What am I doing in the studio today?


Messy Messy Studio

Messy Messy Studio

After such a busy holiday season the studio is a bit messy.

So, we’ll be doin’ some clean up, clean up, clean up!

Getting ready to list my items in my Esty Shop. Need to take some pictures of work I made at the end of 2009. Then we can get back at it.

Lots of ideas in the hopper and I’m excited to get movin’ on those!

Happy 2010!!


One thought on “What am I doing in the studio today?

  1. Oups, just lost a comment here, hope this will not show up twice..

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m so happy to meet you here and in Alyson Stanfield’s class. Your art is wonderful, and I love yor messy messy studio:)

    Forgot to answer your question on the classblog: I’m German, I live in France since 1995 and in Paris since 2001.

    Have a wonderful weekend
    Greetings from Paris

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