What am I doing in the office today?


Jenn's Calendar

Today, well, I’m blogging… but, I’m also scheduling my work time for making and creating artwork.

My time to create and promote my work is limited so when I have time it’s vital not to waste it. Sitting down at my desk and “doing whatever I feel like” doesn’t move things forward, it keeps things at hobby level, and sometimes creates procrastination. So, fixing that is easier with a plan that is scheduled in advance. Now, sitting down at my desk initiates opening up my calendar to see what’s on the list for today – and peak at what’s planned for tomorrow. Or maybe I didn’t finish everything from yesterday – so adding that back into the next available spot on my calendar. Even if it doesn’t come up again for a couple of weeks.

To keep me less anxious about what I need to accomplish, I keep this calendar separate from my other calendar. And, I only look at it when I am sitting down to do the actual work. Otherwise, I will think about it when I can’t work on it (at my day job or taking care of other responsibilities) and I just want to be here – working on it.

I actually enjoy organizing a lot, but it took a bit for me to formalize this layout. I’m glad it worked itself out finally – and it works great!


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