Something a little crafty?

Old Photo/Postcard Holder

Old Photo/Postcard Holder

Here is a handy little item. Remember these?

Maybe you still have one that you use or stored away in a closet?

It is a great hanger to Dry Plastic Bags On!

I usually wash a bunch of bags at once in a cleaned basin of the sink – or I do a couple as they accumulate in the sink: just a drop of dish soap on the inside, then on the outside of the bag. Fill half way with hot water, remove the the air, seal and squish around getting the outside really soapy, too. Open wash up the “zipper” area, rinse and hang to dry. Oh, it takes just a moment and they dry really quickly on this baby! I throw the old baggies away when they are holey – just like my clothes. (ok, not all of my clothes. some are favorites!)

Ta Dah!

Ta Dah! Washed Bag Holder!


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