Wondering what I’m doing in the studio this week?

Original Board - Lovely!

Original Board - Lovely!

I’m doing up some Prep Work!

While continuing my Trash paintings on illustration board, I wanted to work the series on a larger size. I thought what a better material to work on than cardboard. It’s such a great backing to work on. It’s inexpensive, available – often too much, and versatile. So, my husband accumulated some large sheets from work – lovely pieces I might add. Very smooth on one side, unmangled – not really a word, but still true, and could be cut to whatever size I wanted. It produced a lot of pieces – I decided to go with 4×6.

Below is the process I took the sheet of cardboard to workable “canvas” pieces.

First – The full sheet – very large. (above)

Next – I had to square it up and then measured out the grid for cutting pieces 4 x 6 size.

Then – I mark the piece with a grid for the 4 x 6 pieces. Can you see the pencil marks there? The board cut down to about 50 pieces.

Finally – I gesso them – 3 layers, let them dry and they are ready to use! How exciting!

View the image in the series below…

Square up board

Square up board

Grid Layout On Board

Grid Layout On Board

Sized Boards

Sized Boards

Cut and Gessoed Board

Cut and Gessoed Board

I’m so excited to start using them!


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