Who knew?

Apparently food waste is a big problem – contributing to green house gas. Well, turns out, composting can help eliminate some of the problem.

Read more at the EPA website:

“Food waste is one of the least recovered materials in the municipal solid waste stream and is one of the most important materials to divert from landfills. Food that is disposed of in landfills decomposes to create methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.”

Composting to the rescue!

“Of the less than 3% of food waste recovered from the waste stream, composting is the prominent diversion method. Composting, either in your backyard or in a commercial facility, creates a natural fertilizer with many beneficial qualities.”

Build your own composter and find other great tips at the great Tree Hugger site to do your part!


3 thoughts on “Who knew?

  1. What a great blog, Jennifer! I’m reading through and getting inspired by your commitment to recycling. Just wanted to stop at this post to tell you that for the first time in several years I now have a compost pile again.

    We have moved to a little place in the country, and now I can have a garden and compost anywhere and any time I want. We are constantly amazed at the amount of waste that comes from our kitchen. We compost everything except animal products, of course.

    I haven’t invested in any special containers or compsters, but may do so in the future. For now I just have a great big pile that I toss like a salad with my big pitchfork 3-5 times a week. It’s great exercise!

    • Thanks for visiting Martha and enjoying my site. How lovely – the country! I bet your having a great time! Those compost piles can get pretty big pretty quick. My Dad had a large compost area – maybe your neighbors can use some if it starts to take over.

      • Yes, Jenn — we just love our new life here. I know, I’ll definitely end up having to do something about the accumulation at some point. I even have an easy source of cow manure to add to the mix as well. Yay!

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