Trash to Art


"Lain" © Jennifer Ressmann

Titled: “Lain” – First in the Mini-Masterpiece Series

Size: 2.5 x 3.5 inches

Medium: Acrylic and recycled collage material on archival board

Inspiration: The trashy bit comes from the label off of a table salt container

Mini-Masterpiece Series – click to see more from this delightful series

$68 + Shipping

Just Email Me to own this lovely little painting!

Trash & Waste – there is so much of it! I really can’t believe how much we throw away, but it also amazes me how much we have to throw away. Like packaging. I buy it, bring it home and to use it and then I must create some trash. Some of it I can recycle – and we do a great deal of that here at our house – but we still have some stuff to get rid of – through the magic of a big truck coming by and taking it away. Lots of stuff that is still usable is often tossed to the curb as trash. Or that could be recycled into other stuff. Some stuff breaks soon after purchase and is just shameful that it winds up sitting in the earth – had it been produced well in the first place it could have been used for a great deal of time.

I have decided to use some of the trash created at our house and some that inevitably you find on the street and incorporate it into my artwork.

Hopefully you will be inspired to pitch in and reuse, reduce and recycle! Make something pretty or useful again.


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